Cross Training

Unleash your inner fitness best by building strength, boosting endurance, and keeping those workout routines fresh and exciting with cross-training.

What does Cross Training with Jenn look like?

Jenn is passionate about using exercise equipment (medicine balls, Bosu balls, foam rollers etc.) not traditionally used in Pilates to help students become stronger, more flexible, and more body aware while exercising.

She has noticed that people under utilize specific muscle groups in their day to day lives (gluteus muscles, hamstrings, triceps, and core) and these muscle groups are developed under Jenn’s watchful eye. Students will always be informed about how cross training relates to their Pilates work.

How will Cross Training relate to your Pilates Practice?

Jenn has found that a range of movements people do not associate with Pilates are commonly used throughout the Pilates method (e.g. squatting, lunging, planks).

She uses non- Pilates equipment (Bosu balls, foam rollers, etc.) to help increase a student’s body awareness and strength. Students often need to be taught how to stabilize their spines with their core and how to activate specific muscle groups. Pilates will teach students how to use their core and Jenn will challenge their core with Pilates and non-Pilates equipment.

Honing in on where a student needs to build strength and become more mobile is one of Jenn’s specialties.


Jenn’s Training:

She is a graduate of the advanced teacher training program  (950+ hours) from the pilates center of boulder, colorado (known as the “harvard” of pilates teacher training programs). She also draws upon her knowledge of the body from her own athletic pursuits (running, cycling, swimming, dance, gymnastics) and has a library of physical therapy exercise movements collected over her time teaching. It is her belief that every type of exercise movement can relate back to Pilates.

Challenge exercise for Pilates practitioners: Can you do a Teaser on a Bosu?! Have fun!

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